A foggy day

Rained a bit last night, so had to pack up my tent wet and head out. The highlight of today’s adventure was the climb up Bald Pate – a rocky mountain top with great views.

 It was foggy on the way up

Cleared up a bit on top

Rained again lightly in the afternoon but then cleared toward evening.

Saw some nice things

Recognize this mushroom?

How about now?

It’s a chanterelle. 

You may remember the shelter graffiti advice

You don’t want to get this desperate

Had a gorgeous camp site on Surplus Pond tonight.

Jojo brought me some trader joes peanut butter that was really thin. I got so hungry yesterday that I was drinking it out of the jar – instant energy

A few more

Plenty of food in my food bag,



  1. Harry Brown · August 12, 2016

    There is no Hunger like Thru-Hiker Hunger.


  2. psrand2013 · August 7, 2016

    Just re-watched “Into the Wild” last night. Stay away from wild potato seeds!


  3. Marti Rand · August 7, 2016

    Very happy to read there is plenty of food in your food bag 🙂


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