Thursday – Climbing out of Pine

As I fattened up in Pine, I realized that I’d be climbing to a much higher elevation for the rest of the trip – no more hot, dry desert.

The area around Pine is quite beautiful

Got this photo of an elk

Weather turned bad but I was ready for it this time

Some interesting forms

A few more from today

A nice full livestock tank – this would be a primo water source

Heading up to northern AZ,



  1. Sally D'Antonio · April 22, 2019

    Simply the best!!!


  2. Marty · April 22, 2019

    Breathing photos Keven so wish I was there with you Marty


    • kevinhikes · April 22, 2019

      Well we should just plan to do a hike some time, Marty!
      I’m free in late May 😀


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