Better warm up fast!!!

My Flagstaff friend, trail name Lotus, headed for the southern terminus of the AZT today. She ran into snow on the approach road and had to be dropped off 7 miles short of the starting point. Yikes!!!

She’ll be climbing 4000 feet from there on her first day.

Good news is water, water everywhere!!!

AZ Trail

The Blog Revival

Hi!!!! I’m back!

After using this blog to record my 2016 Appalachian Trail thru hike (trail name Junco), I returned to my home in Flagstaff, AZ.

Now I have the opportunity to begin another long backpacking trip in Arizona and hope to share some of the adventure again through this blog.

At the moment, my plan is to hike the Arizona Trail (one of the eleven National Scenic Trails in the US) from south to north (NOBO), leaving from the Mexican border in mid – March.

A very different hike in many ways. Looking forward to exploring more of the southwest. Lots of planning ahead….

Check out Arizona Trail

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