Mount Washington

Met up with Johanna Sage Salay yesterday evening and hiked to Lake of the Clouds hut. 

I’ve known Johanna since she was born (in Chinle, AZ). She is in med school now in Portland ME. She drove out to do some hiking in the Presidential Range.

This morning we set out on an epic loop hike from Pinkham Notch to the top of Mount Washington

Next stop, Wildcat Ridge!


The Presidential Range

Within the White Mountains of New Hampshire is a series of peaks known as the Presidential Range. I entered that area today and visited mounts Webster (not a president), Eisenhower, Clinton, and Munroe.

It’s a cloudy day but the views were wonderful

Visited the Lake of the Clouds Hut

Saw some nice things along the way

On to the rest of the Presidentials!


A Cloudy Day

Yesterday was a cloudy day. As I climbed Franconia Ridge, which is above the tree line, I was sweaty and warm. Once I got up top, I was in the clouds, and the wind was blowing. My glasses fogged up due to condensation and my hat wouldn’t stay on.

The rocks were covered with colorful lichens

So not much for views up there.

I then descended and climbed Mount Garfield, seen in the photo below.

 It’s  a lower peak (below the clouds). As I looked back, I could see Franconia was still shrouded in clouds

The views from Garfield were quite spectacular

Saw some nice things during the day


A high altitude mountain laurel

Visited (and slept at) Galehead Hut

The huts offer hikers a free place to sleep if they do some chores (work for stay).

A few other photos:

On to the twin peaks ridge,


Boletes and tall mountains 

Spent most of today slowly trudging up very steep climbs.

To amuse myself, I photograph and collect mushrooms.

Today was another great chanterelle day

It also was a day for learning more about boletes

Including the ones to stay away from

A few more:

Lonesome lake lodge

The views from the tall peaks in NH are spectacular 

Today, I tackle the Franconia Ridge – all above the tree line!

Loving the whites, hating the whites 


Freedom step

There’s a concept on the AT known as the “freedom step”.

When the trail is very wet and muddy, a hiker can spend a lot of time skipping from rock to rock to avoid getting his/her feet wet.
Today the trail was ridiculously wet from all the recent rain.

At some point the likelihood of maintaining  dry feet becomes very small and the hiker takes a “freedom step”

It’s a great feeling, once you take the plunge.



Taking a Zero

Decided to take a day off today after a long and challenging day yesterday. We came out the woods quite wet last night. It was nearly dark and raining when we got to a road. A very kind woman stopped to pick two of us up. She drove us to a hotel (where we got the last room). 

The skies brightened in the morning but the weather looked concerning in the afternoon, so we “took a zero” and hung out at the pool.

Rumor has it that there are more Pokemon on the AT, so we’ll find out tomorrow.

Moved to a very cool hostel for tonight

Rained all afternoon so we made a good choice 

Back on the trail tomorrow in search of boletes

How To Identify an Edible Bolete Mushroom


Mount Moosilauke

Entered the White Mountain National Forest this week. “The Whites” are known to be challenging. Hiked for 14 hours today to cover 17 miles and get up and over Mount Moosilauke (a 4000 foot climb). First time I’ve been above the tree line in New England


Scored some more chanterelles:

And some other non edible mushrooms

A few other noteworthy moments:

Romani coming down the very steep descent from the summit of Moosilauke

A house on the way to the hostel:

We actually saw a moose near the summit of Moosilauke. She looked kind of thin, so I’m not sure she was healthy.

Very tired after a big day,


Mount Cube

At the summit of Mount Cube (in NH). So far, the going has been pretty tough and gets tougher as I approach the White Mountains. The weather, however, has been very nice.

I continue to study mushrooms with my friend Romani

We collected and cooked up a batch of chanterelles

Got a few toads

A few more

Sapsucker holes

On to the whites,


A Cool Day

Heading out from Hanover today, the weather was cool and dry – perfect for hiking. New Hampshire seems less wet, less muddy, and a bit less green than Vermont.

Pine tree farm (neglected, abandoned)

Cattail swamp (I saw a swamp sparrow singing here)

More fungi

Including some chanterelles

Jewel weed

American toad


Loving this weather,


Dartmouth College

Rested today – actually walked several miles while touring the campus, and took some photos

“The Green” with Baker Library in the background:

Baker library tower:

Dartmouth Hall:

Webster Hall:

Rollins Chapel

“The Sphinx” – home of a “secret society” that did not include me

Visited my fraternity Kappa Kappa Kappa (Tri-Kap, the K-lodge) which had just completed a multimillion dollar renovation

Met some of the brothers (Class of 2018) – Jon Swartz beside me and Cesar Rufino and Ruben Gallardo entering the house at the ground level

Also met some Dartmouth administrative folks who had worked with me on collaborative projects between Chinle and the Dartmouth Tuck School of Business.

Becky Rice

And Christine Holden

Visited a classroom where I took a religion class in 1975

Back on the trail in the am,