Mount Washington

Met up with Johanna Sage Salay yesterday evening and hiked to Lake of the Clouds hut. 

I’ve known Johanna since she was born (in Chinle, AZ). She is in med school now in Portland ME. She drove out to do some hiking in the Presidential Range.

This morning we set out on an epic loop hike from Pinkham Notch to the top of Mount Washington

Next stop, Wildcat Ridge!



  1. Harry Brown · July 31, 2016

    Sure looks like a nice day for a walk! I was hoping you would be in Maine sooner. I will be going home in a few days, so looks like I will not get to hike with you. It would have been nice if I could have gone up Katahdin with you! But I will enjoy your hike vicariously from afar.


    • kevinhikes · July 31, 2016

      Sorry to miss you, Harry. Glad I caught you on the front end!


  2. Sally · July 31, 2016

    Absolutely amazing!!!


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