Saturday afternoon

After a climb back to Montezuma Pass we started to climb Miller Peak in the Huachuca mountains (part of southern Arizona’s “sky islands”)

We went from the desert to an alpine setting pretty quickly

We had about 8 miles in packed slippery snow and finally started to descend to a warmer area where we could camp.

Met this cool fellow who is an Apache from Cibeque out on the trail because it was on his bucket list. He was not hiking with traditional equipment, but he was determined and enthusiastic

So happy to see a Native American fellow on one of our national scenic trails!!!


I’m going to date all my posts by day of the week since the cell service here is weak.

Stayed in Sierra Vista Friday night and force to Montezuma Pass Saturday morning

Then hiked two miles south to the Mexican border. Traveling with friends Jim, Maureen, and Kim.

Then turned around at mile 0 and started our northbound 800 mile trek.

Photos from day 1 in the morning!!