Big rain

Poured all night last night – had to get up and take my tent down in the rain. Cleared up as I hiked and now I’m drying up at my next campsite. I’m being told “No rain, no pain, …no Maine” so I am gladly accepting both. Big issues are the large number of hikers on the trail, troublesome bears (although I haven’t seen one yet) and a norovirus stomach bug epidemic among hikers and shelter users in Georgia and NC. The other comment I keep hearing is that it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong – not sure what to think about that. Averaging 8 miles a day and hoping to get up to 10 next week. Every day has several spectacular moments.


  1. Marti Rand · March 14, 2016

    Happy belated birthday, Kevin!


  2. Becca · March 14, 2016

    Happy Birthday Dad! Have you gotten a name yet?!


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