Weather continues to be rough – got sleet, snow , and hail today. I’m safe in my tent and the hail is coming down and bouncing off of it, forming a mound around the perimeter of the tent – I’m trying to decide whether I’m brave enough to go out and take a photo. The NC portion of the AT so far is no match for the trail quality in Georgia – it’s badly eroded and needs attention. Since  it’s volunteers that do this stuff, I guess I’m talking to myself and you all. Bring a shovel on your next trip to NC. 💪


  1. David · March 21, 2016

    Stay warm and take the picture


  2. Yvette Rand · March 21, 2016

    Hope things improve soon. Are you warm enough with the clothing you have available?

    Tomorrow is the first day of
    Spring. That SOUNDS better. Love, Mom


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