Made it

Just got thru the Smokies – that was a serious challenge – 8 days and 70 miles. Much of it was at high elevation and quite cold – some nights in the low twenties – having cellphone service problems and cell phone charging challenges so might not be posting for a couple days. I just offered two  of my hiking buddies my favorite salamander trail names – Hellbender and Mudpuppy. They are considering this thoughtful offer.



  1. Eliz · April 7, 2016

    The avocado tree lives. So far. Enjoying the posts! Waiting for my first spring warbler here.


    • kevinhikes · April 8, 2016

      Spent hours trying to identify this persistent call high up in the trees the past few days – finally got a good look at it today – a black throated green warbler – first migrant warbler I’ve been able to identify – Yay!


  2. Jo · April 6, 2016

    Hi Kevin 🙂 We’re talking about you here at Bluebirds… all positive.


    • kevinhikes · April 8, 2016

      Hi, Jo. Tell the bluebirds I miss them. I saw an Eastern bluebird in a field yesterday and thought of you all. I’m learning a lot about the Cherokee people who originally inhabited this area. Very interesting.


  3. Sally (Duncan) D'Antonio · April 5, 2016

    You are amazing! Great job on the blog!


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