Not all hard work

On my day off in Hot Springs, formerly Warm Springs, I visited the spa – for $20 you spend an hour in a conventional hot tub filled with fresh “hot spring” curative water, looking over the French Broad  River. This place has been  in use since the Cherokee people recognized its unique value. I threw in a chocolate milkshake and I think I may have found a cure for shin splints 

Each little wooden structure has s private tub overlooking the river

The internment camp story is fascinating…

I’d love to come back here some time. Next town is Erwin, TN in 5 days or so – hope to get a few blog posts out between now and then.



  1. Donna · April 9, 2016

    I commend the hot springs cure. And the view must be awesome


  2. Trueman · April 9, 2016

    Hammer– I’ve been following along and just figured out how to leave a comment (I think). Nice choc shake selfie. I’m really glad its going well and hope the shin splint situation resolves. If they had an elliptigo AT I would consider joining you. I think about my epic trip out to Chinle and your adventures on the trail often.


    • kevinhikes · April 9, 2016

      Trueman, the only real solution to shin splints is to carry less weight. When I leave a town like hot springs I’m loaded with food so it makes for a tough day. My best to you and Kim and the fam!!


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