Book ‘n Boot

I was hiking with a good friend from Australia yesterday (she’s also been living in Tasmania, (home of the Tasmanian devil and the now extinct Tasmanian tiger). She was about 10 minutes ahead of me on the trail when she fell crossing a stream and broke her wrist. Some fellow hikers and I were able to fashion a splint (from a sandal) and a sling (from a camp towel). We hiked to the nearest forest road crossing and called an ambulance. She was taken safely to a local hospital for care, but will be off the trail for a few weeks. She told me last night that she may do some bus touring of the US while she heals.

Book ‘n boot and the AT thru hiker rescue team (it was raining quite a bit at the time):



  1. Sally · May 8, 2016

    You were born to do this!!!


  2. Marti Rand · May 8, 2016

    I love stories with happy endings!


  3. Huppa · May 8, 2016

    Once again, there are no coincidences. The AT, like any pilgrimage route, magnifies the Presence an the Synchrony of God


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