On again, off again

So it’s May 12. My second goal of this adventure was to reach 700 miles and get to Roanoke. Because of the need to take a week off, I fell a little bit behind, so I stepped off the trail today at mile 608. My brother Tim picked me up at Trent’s store and met some northbound thru hikers:

Later, he did a short, fully loaded section hike on the AT

Now we’re on our way to my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary in High Point NC

I’ll be developing future adventure plans in the next few days



  1. Sally · May 13, 2016

    Tim is a great sport!!! Enjoy the festivities!!!


  2. Marti Rand · May 12, 2016

    Lol, it almost looks like Tim is carrying a blonde child in his knapsack. Have a wonderful time in Highpoint!


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