Mount Rogers

Mount Rogers is the tallest peak in Virginia. I hit the summit three days ago. I had climbed it 35 years ago with my youngest brother Pete.

It’s a spooky place in a dark conifer forest. No views from the top. Many trees are dead from the recent hemlock/fir infestation.



Passed the 500 mile mark yesterday I’m the Grayson Highlands of Virginia (home of the wild ponies). Can’t upload photos out here. I’ll do that tomorrow!!


Rolled in to Virginia yesterday and walked in to the famous trail town of Damascus – home of the annual Trail Days reunion (coming up in two weeks) – big AT hiker festival.

Stayed at the beautiful Lazy Fox Inn

The Inn is run by the legendary Ms. Ginny – age 92. 

She is a wonderful host and cooked the guests a huge southern breakfast this morning.

I’m so happy to be in a state where I have spent a lot of time – high school, med school and residency. Met my wife here at Camp Holiday Trails.

Here are some recent trail shots:

And some fine graffiti:

Keep that food bag full!!