Rolled in to Virginia yesterday and walked in to the famous trail town of Damascus – home of the annual Trail Days reunion (coming up in two weeks) – big AT hiker festival.

Stayed at the beautiful Lazy Fox Inn

The Inn is run by the legendary Ms. Ginny – age 92. 

She is a wonderful host and cooked the guests a huge southern breakfast this morning.

I’m so happy to be in a state where I have spent a lot of time – high school, med school and residency. Met my wife here at Camp Holiday Trails.

Here are some recent trail shots:

And some fine graffiti:

Keep that food bag full!!



  1. Sally · May 4, 2016

    Wow! You are moving right along! Do hikers make campfire coffee?


    • kevinhikes · May 7, 2016

      Some do – I usually just eat some dry cereal and get on the trail. Most of us cook on small butane stoves.


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