Vermont (aka Vermud)

Today has been the day of mud and biting insects

And beautiful streams


And plants and wildlife:

And some great vistas

Wearing a mosquito net on my head

All in a day’s play



  1. Harry Brown · July 13, 2016

    Some beautiful scenes. Makes me wish I were out there, too. When do you get to Maine?


    • kevinhikes · July 13, 2016

      I’ll be in New Hampshire in 4 days – not sure about Maine.


  2. David · July 12, 2016

    I’m pretty sure the last photo is a hairy-hooded Junco. We don’t see them in these parts much.


  3. Pat & Marty · July 12, 2016

    Junco- hope today is a good one for you. beautiful flowers and fungus photos. I think the fringed violet one is some sort of Lobelia, the yellow stalky fungus is a type of coral fungus, and the orange fungus is Fly Agaric. Couldn’t find the others in my ID books.


    • kevinhikes · July 12, 2016

      Thanks, Pat. I was wondering if the purple flower could be a fringed orchid??


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