What doesn’t kill you…

My friend Norbert Horneff always reminded me (in German) that what didn’t kill me made me stronger. I think my White Mountain workouts (which did not kill me) have improved my speed and strength. We did the grueling Mahoosic Notch early today. Huge boulders, no clear path, and rock tunnels so small that you had to take you pack off to get through. It was slow going, but Conductor and I escaped unscathed. 

Then we climbed the endless and steep Mahoosic Arm – now THAT made me stronger.

Got some great views at Speck Lake and atop Mount Speck.

Rain predicted tonight and tomorrow. Hope they are mistaken…


One comment

  1. Sally · August 6, 2016

    The rock tunnels have to be nerve-racking!!!


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