Two fabulous creatures

Dedicating my blog post today to two amazing creatures I saw yesterday . 

First a caterpillar

Next a Spruce Grouse

I got the spruce grouse to come in close by playing a recording of a “female alarm” call. I’ve got an app on my phone with bird songs!

I wonder if anyone knows what kind of caterpillar that was – it was about 3 inches long. ?luna moth? That tail is crazy!!

Constantly impressed by mother nature,



  1. Harry Brown · August 12, 2016

    That was a great picture of the grouse. Too bad it isn’t grouse season…


  2. psrand2013 · August 9, 2016

    Look at you with the video and bird distress call app! U da man!


  3. Matt R · August 9, 2016

    Definitely a hornworm- they’re notorious tomato pests but do turn into a pretty attractive sphinx moth eventually.


  4. Sally · August 9, 2016

    The hornworm appears to be hand-painted with its extraordinary colors. We saw many of them in our garden at home, much to my father’s chagrin.


    • kevinhikes · August 9, 2016

      Thanks, Sally. Great to think of your father. I remember him so well.


  5. Pat & Marty · August 9, 2016

    Junco, Great photos. Spruce Grouse are very tame or perhaps clueless. Neat that you were able to get the photo with the sound app. The caterpillar appears to be a Tomato Hornworm caterpillar.


    • kevinhikes · August 9, 2016

      Thanks Pat. I was not sending a high IQ in the spruce grouse I’ve seen


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