The Kennebec River

Took a day off yesterday in Caratunk ME. Friends from northern VT came to visit and took me on a white water rafting trip

Laura, son Zach and husband Pat are friends from Chinle

Zach is an experienced River guide and piloted our boat down some class 3 ( and maybe a class 4) rapid. 

The weather was fine and the water was warm. 

Then Pat and Laura returned me to the AT

Following in the footsteps of Benedict Arnold:

West Carry Pond

Then this afternoon the AT crossed the Kennebec at a spot that required a canoe ferry, since there is no bridge and the current is strong

A few more from today

White cedar bark

Pierce Pond

A tributary to the Kennebec

Enjoying one of Maine’s finest rivers,


  1. Harry Brown · August 17, 2016

    Isn’t Maine beautiful?


    • kevinhikes · August 17, 2016

      Here’s my take on Maine – SO beautiful when it’s not raining!


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