Katahdin Stream campground (Baxter State Park)

Left the 100 mile wilderness this morning and crossed Abol Bridge to get over the mighty Penobscot River.

This was the river that Henry David Thoreau followed to get from Bangor ME to Katahdin in the mid 1850’s when he wrote his book  The Maine Woods.

I was joined by my good friend Juan Durer (Wanderer) who I had not seen for over two months. We were both very happy to run into each other to share the final Katahdin event together.

We caught up on our recent experiences and realized that we hike at the same pace and like taking breaks.

He introduced to cold Ramen, which he had for lunch.

He showed me a picture of a cool toad he had seen recently
Any ideas what type of toad this is?

Now we are at a campsite ready for the final 5 mile, 4100 foot vertical ascent of the northern terminus of the AT.

Long John (Baxter State Park trail steward)

Winter green

Ambitious beaver

SO excited, 



  1. Sally · August 28, 2016

    American toad?


  2. Marti Rand · August 27, 2016

    Drum roll!!!


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