A foggy day

Rained a bit last night, so had to pack up my tent wet and head out. The highlight of today’s adventure was the climb up Bald Pate – a rocky mountain top with great views.

 It was foggy on the way up

Cleared up a bit on top

Rained again lightly in the afternoon but then cleared toward evening.

Saw some nice things

Recognize this mushroom?

How about now?

It’s a chanterelle. 

You may remember the shelter graffiti advice

You don’t want to get this desperate

Had a gorgeous camp site on Surplus Pond tonight.

Jojo brought me some trader joes peanut butter that was really thin. I got so hungry yesterday that I was drinking it out of the jar – instant energy

A few more

Plenty of food in my food bag,


What doesn’t kill you…

My friend Norbert Horneff always reminded me (in German) that what didn’t kill me made me stronger. I think my White Mountain workouts (which did not kill me) have improved my speed and strength. We did the grueling Mahoosic Notch early today. Huge boulders, no clear path, and rock tunnels so small that you had to take you pack off to get through. It was slow going, but Conductor and I escaped unscathed. 

Then we climbed the endless and steep Mahoosic Arm – now THAT made me stronger.

Got some great views at Speck Lake and atop Mount Speck.

Rain predicted tonight and tomorrow. Hope they are mistaken…



Crossed the border into Maine yesterday afternoon

Southern Maine has many challenging features. This morning, I’ll be experiencing the Mahoosic Notch (an ill defined trail consisting of huge boulders) then the Mahoosic Arm – a very steep, long climb. 
Maine has a lot of alpine bogs and wooden structures to protect the big plants

Lots of ladders, too!

Still having nice weather with great views.

Enjoying my early experience in Maine.


The Granite State

Last day in New Hampshire today. The trails here have been very steep with long climbs and descents. The granite boulders and steps have required my full attention. The weather has been quite nice and the views (especially above the tree line) have been stunning.

Found my old friend Santiago at the hostel last night. He’s been on the trail since Jan 1, 2016.

The mushrooms keep coming up, and provide some great camera opportunities.

Also saw a few critters

And a few more

Movin’ on


A Day of Rest

I can’t lie to you. The White Mountains took a toll on me. I rolled into Gorham, NH yesterday tired, sore, and weighing 128 pounds. I’ve been resting, eating, and being thankful for the great weather I had.

I’ve eaten an obscene amount of food – including some great bolete mushrooms we harvested (and some blueberries).

Staying at this beautiful hostel

Reunited with my friend , the conductor, who I have not seen in 3 months

Saw some beautiful things on the way in to Gorham

Stumps serving as substrate for young trees

Mica deposits in many of the local granite 

A few treats in the hostel

I summitted quite a few of these. The White Mountains have thrilled and humbled me.

Enjoying the rest – looking forward to Maine.


Beyond the Presidentials

Heading northeast from the Presidential range, I reconnected with an old friend, Conductor, who I had not seen in several months.

We climbed Wildcat Ridge and looked back at (from left to right) Mounts Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, which I had climbed with Jojo the day before:

Many nice views from the fudged including Wildcat ski resort gondola and Carter Notch AMC Hut

The hut far below

And a few mushrooms

Fortunately, another fine weather day.

Planning to visit Gorham, NH today