The Roller Coaster

As I left West Virginia today

I saw this sign

Little did I know that the Trailboss had designed 14 miles of trail that were very steep and very rocky. It took me all day to get thru this section. I’m not sure I’d call it a “great ride”. It was 94 degrees today, do I’m calling it a “great sweat”

I’ve seen several of these the last few days

But wasn’t able to catch one until today

Very beautiful snake!!

Some interesting bark

A few more notable findings from today’s travels:

Another healthy beech tree

Sassafras leaf 

Hoping for cooler weather and no more roller coasters,


One comment

  1. Pat and Marty · September 15, 2016

    Junco- Yes, hopefully no more roller coasters except at the county fair. Love the sassafras leaf. Did you see all 3 shapes? Sassafra albidum. The snake is called a Smooth Green Snake – Opheodrys vernalis. And one of the barks looked like cottonwood perhaps. Although once you get south of the Mason-Dixson line I am unfamiliar with lots of the flora and fauna. We are so enjoying peering into your trip. Thanks so much for sharing


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