Big Meadows

Rolled in to Big Meadows today and was treated to a nice view of a bear about 50 yards away. Tried to capture some of the event on video

​Paula was with me and got to see her first bear. She was calmer than I was when I saw my first.

We hiked nearly 9 miles from Skyland to Big Meadows – she hiked faster than me most of the way – very impressive!!

More “Chicken of the Woods” today – it’s become my favorite mushroom

A couple flowers waiting to be identified.

Solomon’s seal 

Views of the Shenandoah Valley 

Pretty web

Cool snail

You can ride a horse at Big Meadows

A late violet

Some scary bee nest:

Joe Pye weed

Paula’s new friend

See the owl?

It’s a barred owl.

All for now,



  1. Pat and Marty · September 21, 2016

    Junco and Paula- Interesting video, I wonder what the bear was eating- beechnuts maybe? The Shenandoah valley is a special place. As far as the flowers the smaller hanging flower might be a Southern Harebell and the other appears to be a type of aster. Can’t narrow it down more than that without more details. Cheers.


    • kevinhikes · September 21, 2016

      Pat, I’ll cover bear diet in today’s blog.


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