Here comes the sun

I can’t tell you excited I was to hike for a whole day, knowing that that it was not going to rain. It started out very foggy but then cleared by late morning.

  It still feels more like late summer, than fall. Not really cool yet and most of the leaves are still green.

There are some nice colors in the forest 

Here is a cool frog I caught today. Anyone want to help me identify it?

Resending the frog photos

They may not have uploaded in the original post

What skinny animal lives in here?

An anteater terrier mix?

These stalked orange mushrooms are similar to both chicken of the woods and chanterelles. Not sure what they are 

Some more scenes from today.

Sleeping out with no fly (rain tarp) over my tent – how sweet!!!!



  1. Pat and Marty · October 2, 2016

    Some great and interesting photos. Love the anteater terrier. Couldn’t see the frog photos for some reason. Enjoy the nicer weather today.


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