Thunder Ridge

Spent most of the day today climbing steeply to the top of Thunder Ridge, and then along the ridge to its southern terminus at Apple Orchard Mountain.

Saw some fine wood forms

This one had some human facial features

The guillotine

What would a day be like without some fungi?

The Blue Ridge parkway

Some fine views

And a few others

A little terrarium in a log

Living the good life,



  1. Marti Rand · October 4, 2016

    If this sounds like a strange question, it’s because I’m technologically challenged. Do you have the resources to monitor the storm from where you are?


    • kevinhikes · October 6, 2016

      Marti, I hope you are OK as the hurricane approaches. I am getting regular local weather reports.


  2. Marti Rand · October 4, 2016

    Kevin, in case you are not aware there is a major hurricane (Mathew) south of Cuba that is heading north. If the models are correct, it will continue up along our east coast and be in the Carolinas this weekend. Let me know if you want updates.


    • kevinhikes · October 4, 2016

      Thanks, Marti. I’m hoping those models are very incorrect 😀


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