Aqua pura and salamanders 

Finding good water to drink is a concern every day. My preference is to find a spring (as opposed to a stream or a pond – or even a treated water source) . Here’s an example of a spring gushing from the ground near the trail

I’ve had trouble photographing salamanders. I usually turn over a few rocks whenever I cross a stream, but they are hard to catch – and their movement is very interesting. So I found this rather large one and got some video

It’s been raining for two days and I found refuge in a Howard Johnson’s in Daleville  VA – didn’t know HoJo’s were still around

On my way into town I collected some gems

Paw paws, chestnuts, hickory nuts, and walnuts. Hope u can tell which is which.

 Crossed interstate 81

Found some nice fungi

And some colorful acorns

Got a few views by the end of the day

Had dinner with my German hiking friend Walking Tree

Heading out into the rain with hope of clearing skies this afternoon,



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  1. Peter · October 8, 2016



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