Boiling Springs, PA

Just rolled in to Boiling Springs after a long, hot day. Rain expected tonight and tomorrow then dramatically cooler weather. I’m finally glad that I’m lugging around all this cold weather gear. 

Boiling Springs is a very old village which is the former site of a big spring, which was dammed up to form a lake to power a grist mill, then an iron works furnace. Now it’s just a cool little town with a great fishing stream, the Yellow Breeches – famous as fly fishing trophy waters.

As I entered the town, I crossed a bridge and looked into the clear waters below to see very large trout lined up, facing upstream. See if you can see them below.

There were fly fishermen everywhere 

On the left is the lake that feeds the stream

Prior to entering Boiling Springs, I entered the Cumberland Valley 

Earlier in the day, I met Eloise, trail name “Bear Spray”. She works in Washington DC and loves to hike the AT colorfully dressed. Her orange outfit was helpful today as hunters were out. She loves Sedona, a town close to my home in Flagstaff.

Here are a few more shots from today.

I posed this acorn

Witch hazel trees are in bloom now – very interesting

Getting ready for cooler weather,



  1. psrand2013 · October 21, 2016

    Dude, months of waiting for some fish photos, and that is the best you can do? I guess I need to walk you through it. Junco. Get your pack rod out, 4 X tippet, with a #12 rat-faced mcdougal. Cast upstream, mend, mend, for good drift, wait for it, wait for it … boom. Land, take a few photos (remember, #keepemwet), then release. Probably stocked browns, so they don’t count, but I’d give you some credit for effort!

    Patient in Portland,



  2. Sally · October 21, 2016

    I hear that acorn posing is taboo on the trail!


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