Delaware Water Gap

Just rolled in to the Delaware Water Gap today. The Delaware River passes through the gap

This is the border between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The AT hiking ridges on each side of the gap are made of quartzite, and you can see how bent and irregular the rock layers are

That makes it look like this on the trail

Ran into more rhododendron tunnels “on the rocks”

Two forest friends from today

A little hippo

And a vampire bat (complete with fang)

So now on to the final section. 

The Big News is that my brother Jim is driving up from his home in Landenberg PA to join me for the last 50 miles.

I’ll be seeing him in a couple hours.

We’re going to get shuttled to Unionville NY and hike back south bound (and finish here in Delaware Water Gap). My last flip flop!!!

Some shots from yesterday

Some stretches have no leaves in the trees

The beech trees have kept their leaves

And the red maples

Two blazes lining up

Starting the final stretch,



  1. Pat & Marty · November 2, 2016

    Great photo showing the angles of the bedrock. Makes for tough hiking. Love the bat and rhino. You have a great eye.
    Carry on
    Pat & Marty


  2. Wander Lou · November 2, 2016

    You’re so close Junco! What a fantastic journey. It was great to hike with you in those early stages and has been really wonderful to follow along with you on this blog as you approach the final goal. Enjoy those last 50 miles! 👣


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