Some excitement

Moments after I replied to my friend Sally that I hadn’t seen any snakes yet, I had this incredible encounter

The sequence of events is not all recorded in the video. As I was walking along the western diamondback rattlesnake was on the right side of the trail and started rattling. He/she was coiled and looked agitated.

I backed up and she moved away to the right and I started following. The she turned toward me again and I backed away and she slowly slithered across the trail in front of me – that’s what I videoed.

I can not tell you how exhilarating that was. That’s a beautiful creature.

Count it!!



  1. Donna Ruth Perry · April 5, 2019

    Very happy it wasn’t me seeing that. You seemed to know how to deescalate the situation well.


  2. Sally D'Antonio · April 3, 2019

    That made my day!!! Stay safe, Kev.


  3. Patricia J Liddle · April 3, 2019



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