Distinguished Guests

I was joined yesterday by my wife, Paula, and good friend Elizabeth Harding. They drove down from Flagstaff and met me. We camped out at a campground on Roosevelt lake. Then today we did a nice hike up the Arizona Trail on section known as the Vineyard Trail.

Elizabeth was pleased to walk up on this fella

We hiked through some remarkably tall grass

And saw some Arizona beauty

And landscapes

Here’s the Roosevelt dam on the salt river as we climbed up the Vineyard Trail

It was so great to be joined by Paula and Elizabeth – and be spoiled by their trail magic!!

A really lucky guy,



  1. Beth Young · April 13, 2019

    Chris and I are both enjoying your posts so much. Seeing Paula and Elizabeth in the already amazing landscape and nature photos made following this journey even better! I’m so inspired.

    Wishing you the best,
    your former Chinle neighbor-

    Beth Young



    • kevinhikes · April 14, 2019

      So great to hear from you guys. Really amazing!!!
      Go Browns!!!


  2. Sally D'Antonio · April 11, 2019

    Life is good! The flower photos are fabulous and the landscapes are stunning!


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