Mazatzal Wilderness

Here I sit on the north side of the wilderness – devastated by the lightning-caused Willow Fire of 2004 – all those grey sticks are dead trees

It’s still beautiful and small trees are coming back.

I’m surrounded by migrating birds.

The elevation here is over 7000 feet – I got caught in a hail/rain storm last night and got very wet and very cold.

Here’s my hastily pitched tentsite – you can see the frost on my warmest piece of clothing – which got wet due to poor planning in my part.

Still some snow up here

Other than that, pretty much perfect

The storm that got me

I’ll be ready next time!!!

A few more

Oh and by the way, 400 down and 400 to go.

Half way,



  1. Donna · April 14, 2019

    Always amazing to see the beauty and the power of nature all in the same day.


  2. Sally D'Antonio · April 14, 2019

    Congrats on 400!!!


  3. Paula D rand · April 13, 2019

    Love the lichen! A night in the jacuzzi is only 2 days away!!


  4. · April 13, 2019

    Wow, you really have to prepare for all seasons on these hikes. It’s good to know you’ll be prepared in the event of another downpour. The cluster of cactus balls look like a ready-made centerpiece. Just love all the beautiful pictures!


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