Friday, The Mogollon Rim

A name that is pronounced in several ways, one common way is “MUGGY-Aan”. It’s an imposing cliff that separates northern AZ from the warmer, dryer lowlands to the south


It’s composed of sedimentary rock layers with volcanic rock on top.

The layers are similar to the Grand Canyon and I spent most of the day hiking just below the Rim on the Highline trail in the Supai rock layer with the cliffs right above me

Then I arrived in Washington Park, which is an area where there is a break in the cliff and an ancient trail to the top (used by the Apaches and their pursuers in the 1860’s)

As I neared the top – 7400 feet, I got a taste of things to come

Uh, oh,


One comment

  1. Sally D'Antonio · April 22, 2019

    The rock is such a beautiful color!


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