Ralph Nye and Lakes Mary

As I neared Flagstaff on Monday, I was hiking along Anderson Mesa and passed by an astronomical Observatory that is a remote site associated with Flagstaff’s Lowell Observatory. Here I met Ralph Nye

Ralph is a mechanical engineer who builds telescopes and refurbishes and repairs old ones. He has worked for the observatory for 42 years. He offered to take me for an observatory tour when I get to Flagstaff. He was incredibly passionate about astronomy, old telescopes, and photography – can’t wait to visit him…

The Mesa rises above Walnut Creek which, through a couple of dams, is converted into upper and lower Lake Mary, serving the water and recreational needs of Flagstaff. Both lakes are full this year due to the wet winter

The Mesa top is generally flat with some beautiful ponderosa pines

Some areas are a bit dryer and support a forest of piñon and juniper. The two trees in the center of this photo are a piñon on the left and a juniper on the right

Last campsite before Flagstaff

A few more from Monday

Almost Home,


One comment

  1. Sally D'Antonio · April 26, 2019

    The photo of the snowcaps and the clouds is breathtaking!!!


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