Colorado River

As the Arizona Trail heads north from Flagstaff, it approaches the Grand Canyon which has been cut by the Colorado River. I’ll be heading in that direction in my next hiking section.

In the meantime, I’ve driven to Boulder City, Nevada to start a 3 day canoe trip on the Colorado River downstream from the Grand Canyon. The Hoover Dam, which was originally called Boulder Dam spans the Colorado River.

Behind the damn is Lake Meade.

Below the dam is Black Canyon.

The canoe trip starts tomorrow and is a 3 day trip on calm water that is released from the Hoover Dam through Black Canyon.

Today we crossed the O’Callahan- Tillman Memorial Bridge – which crosses the Colorado River just below the Hoover Dam – I took the photo above from that bridge. The bridge separates Arizona from Nevada and honors one individual from each state

I figure paddling a canoe for a few days will rest my legs and get me some upper body strength.

We’ll see,


One comment

  1. Sally D'Antonio · April 28, 2019

    Fabulous photo! It sounds like an exciting adventure!


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