Patagonia – Mile 51

Paula came down from Tucson and met us in Patagonia. We cleaned up and did some laundry at our Hotel – the famous (sort of) Stage Stop Inn.

Issues now include foot blisters for me and Pete – so we loaded up on Bandaids. The water sources have been pretty shakey, and our water filter clogged, so we had to get an industrial strength filter for the next stretch. Envision a muddy puddle shared with the local cows 😱

All good though. Heading north shortly. Next trail town is Vail, Az near a park called Colossal Cave. We’ll be there in 5 days.

Will post whenever we have a signal.

One comment

  1. Sally · March 21, 2021

    It is good to hear from you. Sorry about the water situation. I love the Arizona Trail sign.


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