A special guest

Today we met Nancy “Solo” Grayson

Nancy and Pete

She was at the trailhead in Oracle where I picked up Pete ( who has now completed 200 miles – one quarter of the trail).

Nancy is a full time trail Angel. She has done most of her angel work on the Continental Divide Trail, but is kindly helping out hikers on the AZT this spring

Notice the CDT sticker on the bumper
And the mirror

The van is Nancy’s retirement home and her retirement time is spent hiking and helping hikers.

She’s the first full time trail angel I have ever met and she is inspirational to Pete and me.

At the American Flag 🇺🇸 Trailhead in Oracle

The hiking community (hikers, trail overseers, trail maintenance workers, and angels like Nancy) make this a very special place. So lucky to be out here!!



  1. mersview@aol.com · March 31, 2021



  2. Sally · March 31, 2021

    People like Nancy make this world a much better place!


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