Rock Pocket Guest Post

Have you ever been hiking and gotten a blister on your foot? We’ve all been there. 

Now when you pop that blister, it is commonly accepted that you leave the “cover” on to protect the raw skin while it heals. 

However, if you now go for a float in the Gila River, you might end up with a blister chock full of river pebbles. That’s a Rock Pocket, my trail-namesake.

My current AZT rock pocket count is three. My hiking partner Giggles is only at one. I don’t think Junco has any.

Despite the occasional rock pocket, the sights and sounds of the AZT have drawn me in, and I’m almost halfway done. From snow at the top of Mt. Lemmon to boiling water out of cow tanks near Kearney, I’ve gotten a good fill of what Arizona has to offer, and I’m looking forward to the Mogollon Rim and the Northern sections!

This is a photo of a ??? snake, seen on top of the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix.

This scene was my favorite lunch spot yet, with a few cactuses and mountains to make for a beautiful midday rest.

The last photo is from when we got up at 5 to hike the sunrise and beat the heat near the Gila River.

Looking forward to more adventures,

Rock Pocket


  1. Paula · April 11, 2021

    Keep it up! The photos remind me of the particular beauty of AZ. Looking forward to seeing you in Pine!


  2. Em · April 11, 2021

    Sweet update RP! We should get that sunrise pic blown up on the wall!


  3. Sally · April 11, 2021

    One actual rock pocket would do me in! Excellent photos!


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