A High Plateau

Once we climbed out of the Grand Canyon on the north side we found ourselves on the Kaibab Plateau which is a relatively flat, high elevation forest. It ranged in elevation from 8000-9200 feet. The forest was aspen, spruce, and fir. The spruce and fir trees were tall and narrow. The forest was punctuated with beautiful alpine meadows. We left the bottom of the Grand Canyon with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and found ourselves in a much cooler place with patches of snow here and there.

El Tejano got some well deserved rest

We came across a fire tower as we reached the northern end of Grand Canyon National Park

I climbed up inside. It was quite windy and the tower was a bit rickety.

After the fire tower we reached a meadow with some rocky outcroppings. These were limestone layers embedded with fossilized shells. It’s hard to imagine that this high elevation forest was once under a body of water with sea creatures in it.

Found a forest creature for my friend Pat.

Setting up camp at the end of the day.

Then enjoying the sunrise the next day (and a nutritious breakfast)

Rolling on,



  1. laua027hawaiirrcom · August 26, 2021

    Oh yeah, I’m still amazed about where you camped: not more than 2 miles behind us that night. You look nice and warm!. We woke up, as you remember, to frozen water bottles and ice/frost all over our sleeping bags!!!!


  2. Sally · May 20, 2021

    Just amazing!


  3. Pat · May 20, 2021

    Nice creature find, Kevin.
    Carry on


  4. Alan T Lau · May 20, 2021

    Ooooo. Now I wish that I had climbed into the top of the tower!!!!! That was really cool. I liked that circular spotting tool. Really gool

    Liked by 1 person

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