Leaf litter and the May apple plant

I have been impressed by the persistence of the May Apple plant as it struggles to penetrate the leaf litter on the forest floor:



Finally free!!



  1. J keim · April 23, 2016

    I have had the best time following your trip! Thanks so much for sharing. You take lovely photos.


    • kevinhikes · April 23, 2016

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m trying to capture some of the elements of each day that offset the work of carrying this pack around. One of the greatest rewards is to be outside as the sun rises and the sun sets – often the lighting is very nice and photographs come out better – I’m taking these photos with an iPhone 4s, so it surprises me sometimes when they come out decent.


  2. Sally (Duncan) D'Antonio · April 22, 2016

    That story had a very happy ending!!!


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