After 9 days of hiking, and 110 miles covered, I was rescued by my relatives Linda and Dave, who live in New Hartford, CT. I’ll take it easy at their place tomorrow. They picked me up at a road crossing just as I entered the state of CT. I was born in Bristol, CT and lived in this state for about 8 years – nice to be back!!

Visited the most amazing store, which was right on the AT, as it crossed a road:

Ate some apples and had ice cream and iced tea (it was 90 and humid  today).

Look what was hanging in the bathroom

I’m adding the next three photos to see if you can find the animal.

On the ground:

In a tree

In the bush in front of the rock

Answers – momma bear, cub, bobolink.

Happy Solstice!!

One comment

  1. Sally · June 21, 2016

    Enjoy your rest!


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