The Dover Oak, a sweet boardwalk, and Henry David Thoreau

Near Pawling NY the AT passes the Dover Oak, a white oak which is the largest in New York 

My trekking poles are nearly 4 feet long

The branches reach across Dover Rd
This beautiful boardwalk crossed a lowland area with great birdwatching 

Note the writing on the chair 

There’s actually a passenger train that you can take from NYC and get dropped off right here on the AT

While I was hiking two days ago, a local day hiker offered to share with me (as trail magic) an excerpt from Henry  David Thoreau. I gladly accepted, and he recited this wonderful bit of advice:

Enjoying some live trees, 



  1. Linda · June 24, 2016

    I just love the Thoreau quote. Historically, the west tends to view nature as something to be exploited in both necessary, as well as frivolous, ways. As long as we breath air on this earth, it’s our destiny to be “users”, but it doesn’t mean we can’t explore ways to minimize the use and abuse of our world. Very thought-provoking!


  2. Sally · June 24, 2016

    You are more than welcome!


  3. Sally · June 22, 2016

    The boardwalk is gorgeous!!!


  4. Marti Rand · June 22, 2016

    Still looking for momma bear.


    • Sally · June 22, 2016

      Marti, go straight up from the left-most corner of the big boulder.


      • Marti Rand · June 23, 2016

        Aww, it looks like she is trying to coax her cub down. Thank you, Sally.


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