Exploring Connecticut

Headed into New England today

Linda drove Dave and me to the trailhead and we headed north.

We hiked 12 miles with a couple challenging climbs and had great weather.

One dramatic event from the day involved our observation of a predator/prey interaction. We saw two mammals rolling around in the leaf litter. At first I thought it was two Chipmunks playing. Then it became clear that this was an adversarial interaction – and one of the participants had a long tail. Dave intervened to stop the fighting and the long tailed mammal scampered off. Only then did we realize that it was a weasel (which was preying on the chipmunk).Another interesting thing was that two birds ( one of which was a woodpecker) were dive bombing the mammal skirmish. Seemed that the birds didn’t want the weasel around either.
Can u find a snake, a toad, and some nice flowers?

A river shot for Puffy

Some nice views


Happy Summer!



  1. psrand2013 · June 23, 2016

    Puffy appreciates river shot! Good job, Kev!


  2. Sally · June 23, 2016

    Happy Summer! It’s nice that you have some company. The photos are breathtaking!


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