Off the trail for a day

Once again, I find myself in the enviable situation of being “rescued” after a five day hiking period. My friends Pat and Marty picked me up in Bearstown Park in Western MA:

I visited their beautiful home in Canaan, NY

The trail continues to be dry but rain is in the forecast today

We visited some beautiful places along the MA/NY border, including Kripalu (a spiritual retreat where we attended a yoga class)

Drove by Tanglewood:

Visited the Hudson River at the town of Hudson:

Hudson is an old whale processing center. There is a lighthouse in the center of the River (Hudson Athens lighthouse):

A few toads from the AT yesterday:

Hoping for a drenching rain tonight (I’ll be at Pat and Marty’s)


One comment

  1. Sally · June 29, 2016

    Enjoy your visit with Pat and Marty.


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