Beavers and newts

Said goodbye to Marty and Pat today. 

They hiked some of the AT with me today and taught me a lot about local plants. Pat is going to help me with plant identification when I get stuck.
The red newt efts were out in force after the rain yesterday:

Can you see both of them in this shot:

Pat and Marty took me to a great blue heron rookery that was in a beaver pond. Ever since then, I’ve been more aware of beaver activity:

The ponds formed by the beaver dams were beautiful:

Also had a chance to meet my long time friend Bruce Finke – he drove out to Tyringham, MA to meet me on the trail. We worked together for many years in IHS

And there were many noteworthy sightings on today’s walk:

Indian cucumber:

Indian pipe:

A pink lady slipper after blooming:

Great fun !!!


One comment

  1. Sally · June 30, 2016

    The beavers do amazing work!


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