Keeping Dry

Walked into the Mountain Meadows Lodge minutes before a huge thunderstorm blew in:

This place is right on the AT. My room is in the white farmhouse on the right.

They delivered pizza, so I took advantage of that

Came down from Killington ski resort today – foggy and spooky

The spruces and balsam firs seem unhealthy here. Every forest in the northeast seems to have one or more species that are struggling.

However, the fungi were looking pretty good

This one is a bit traumatized, but very unusual

Lots of other remarkable things

Cool spider web

White birch bark is so fascinating

Looks like litter on the ground

Thanking my lucky stars that I stayed dry,



  1. Harry Brown · July 18, 2016

    Awesome photographs, Sir Junco. I have really enjoyed them.


  2. Sally · July 15, 2016

    The Mountain Meadows Lodge looks wonderful! Your photos continue to amaze us!


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