The Long Trail

The Long Trail is a 272 mile trail that runs north/south along the ridge of the Green Mountains in Vermont (from the Massachusetts border to Canada). 

From southern VT, the Appalachian Trail and the Long Trail have been together (for 105 miles). This created quite a bit of foot traffic on the trail – north and southbound AT hikers and north and southbound Long Trail hikers.

Yesterday I passed this sign (which at the time I did NOT know was the place the AT separated from the Long Trail)

I accidentally followed the Long Trail for half a mile (it has identical white blazes ??!)

I celebrated my Long Trail trek with this beverage from the LongTrail brewing company


Yestetday, I also saw some strange figures in tree shapes

Back on the AT,


One comment

  1. Pat & Marty · July 15, 2016

    Glad it was only 1/2 mile. You know I love the figures you see in the trees. Excellent.
    Carry on


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