The middle third

I hiked the first 608 miles of the AT from mid-March thru mid-May, then got back on from mid June through late August and covered 844 miles.

That leaves me 737 miles in the middle – Virginia thru New Jersey.

Later this week, I’ll get back on in Pennsylvania and head south (first time I’ve hiked southbound).

My route has been unusual, so I’m curious who I might run in to for this section.

Left Little Gott Island this morning.

Had a great time with my neice and nephew:

​​A Swainson’s thrush that hit the window of the cabin and was stunned:

Views of the cabin and from the island:

Sunrise from the cabin deck:

View to the north of mount desert island / Acadia NP

Low tide – we dug clams

S’mores in the fireplace prepared by my niece Sadie each evening.

Listened to the Red Sox game with my nephew Gus each day (see the radio on the table, above).
Ram island to the east – next stop would be Portugal

Bye, bye coastal Maine,


One comment

  1. Sally · September 5, 2016

    What a beautiful place for you to regroup!


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