Southern Pennsylvania

Took off from Arlington VA with my friend Trueman who drove me to Fayettesville PA. He then joined me for a day hike

We hiked southbound. It was very hot and very humid – pretty much constantly soaked with sweat

Can u feel the humidity?

Nice views along the way

Just crossed the Mason Dixon line into Maryland

A bolete with bright yellow pores

Big thunderstorm last night but it didn’t cool things off – high in the 90’s today. Predicted to cool off tomorrow.

Hot in September,



  1. Donna · September 10, 2016

    We can see the humidity. My one hour walks are soaking experiences. I hope it is better with a little altitude. Looking forward to a nice day tomorrow in Maryland.


  2. Sally · September 10, 2016

    Welcome back! Your photos are better than ever!


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