Another hiking partner 

Today I was joined by my medical school classmate Brian Wilder. He drove up from Charlotte NC to hike with me and to visit his son, Hogan, a student at UVA. He covered over 10 miles with a pack weighted with over 20 pounds of water. We had a remarkably similar pace and had some great discussions about politics, family, and friends. Then he gave me all the water he had carried as I set off on my own again

What a great opportunity to see an old friend!!

Saw some nice things along the way

Came across these nuts which I had mistakenly identified as chestnuts in a previous post – they are actually beech nuts

Some beautiful acorns

My super sweet tent spot tonight

This stump made me think of the painting “the Scream”

Some nice views

Anybody know this plant?

I’ve seen 8 bears since entering Shenandoah NP, so I know this is true

Appreciating this good advice about bears,



  1. Sally · September 29, 2016

    So nice that Brian could join you. How much water do you consume in a day?


  2. psrand2013 · September 25, 2016

    striped wintergreen Chimaphila maculata – c’mon, challenge us!


    • kevinhikes · September 25, 2016

      Nice, Pete. I’ll throw you a tough one today!


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