Leaving Shenandoah National Park

Just finished the last leg of the 100+ mile SNP – kind of sad, since this place has so many memories for me from my many years living in Virginia, and the weather has been so nice – and I got to hike with Paula and Brian.

Today was a rainy, foggy, magical day

Grand daddy white oak

Some kind soul left water since many of the springs are dry

Said goodbye to the Skyline Drive

Loved this shot – someone made the AT symbol with sticks on the rock

Misty views

As I crested this hill, I saw a hiker in the distance (you can barely see her in the photo). What I did not see was her big white friendly dog who had just been sprayed by a skunk. Why do I ever pet dogs???

The best part of leaving Shenandoah National Park is that I’m about to visit the Blue Ridge

Enjoying Virginia,


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