Thomas Jefferson’s University

Took a zero today and visited my med school alma mater, the University of Virginia.

The Rotunda had been under renovation for 3 years and just opened to the public today…hmmm

Just below the dome

Up thru the dome

Other shots of UVA

And a few nature shots from yesterday

Twin towers (tulip poplars)

Wild iris seed pods

Porcupines chew wood – hence the barbed wire

Heal all

? 4 leaved poison ivy?


Not sure?

Is that a pine cone or a pineapple?

Milkweed seed pod

And finally some graffiti that seemed remarkably relevant to my adventure

“Go everywhere, study everything, fear nothing”,



  1. Marti Rand · September 26, 2016

    Both pine trees and pineapples grow here in zone 10, but I’ve never seen a pine cone that looked like a pineapple. That’s interesting. Thanks for sharing, Kevin.


    • kevinhikes · September 26, 2016

      Sure, Marti. As I wrap this trip up, I’m planning my east coast relative tour, so I hope to see you and Bill in 2017. Thanks for your support and comments.


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